Yoga for Fertility


Women’s health issues, particularly those related to the female endocrine and reproductive systems, are closely linked to the brain and the nervous system, and as such are affected by stress.

Numerous studies have shown that decreasing stress may increase your chance for a successful pregnancy.

How Can Restorative Yoga Help Fertility?

Restorative yoga at the Domar Center fro Mind/Body Health can help to lessen the emotional stresses of the infertility process by giving you the tools to quiet negative thoughts and feel more in control.

Our yoga services help to ease the emotional roller coaster of stress, anxiety, and depression while helping to create an internal environment that is more hormonally balanced and receptive.

Slowing and focusing on the breath creates a state of inner awareness and a deep sense of peace, while supported yoga postures gently stretch and relax muscles and connective tissue, increasing blood flow to the pelvis and reproductive organs.

Another benefit of restorative yoga is that lowering stress also has a direct affect on lowering blood levels of the hormone Cortisol. High levels of Cortisol may interfere with reproductive hormone function.