Nutrition Counseling Services

How and what we eat affects every aspect of physical and emotional health and how our body functions.

Healthful eating is integral to overall health and wellness, including setting the stage for a healthy pregnancy. Whether your goal is to manage your weight, control a health problem, or simply learn how to fit healthy eating and activity into your lifestyle, our nutritionist at the Domar Center will help you develop a personalized plan utilizing a non-dieting, behavior-based approach.

Nutrition counseling is available for a variety of concerns, including weight control and women’s health issues, as well as for management (or prevention) of health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes/prediabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, eating disorders, and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Who Can Benefit From Seeing a Nutrition Counselor

  • Women undergoing fertility treatment (and their partners) who are interested in optimizing their health and fertility through diet and lifestyle change
  • Women and adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Men, women and adolescents interested in weight management
  • Those interested in diabetes prevention, or management of a chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease or gastrointestinal problems (including IBS, celiac disease and other digestive issues)
  • Anyone experiencing “resistance to change” issues interested in behavioral support around modifying diet and lifestyle habits for overall health and quality of life
  • People undergoing cancer treatment, or those interested in cancer prevention (cancer survivors or those with a family history of cancer)
  • Anyone interested in working on their meal preparation skills to create healthier meals that meet their personal preferences and taste great!

How We Can Help

  • Conduct a detailed diet and lifestyle history to help develop a tailored plan that meets you where you are and helps move you towards better health.
  • Coach you through diet and lifestyle changes in a-step-by step manner towards your personalized goals related to weight management, disease management or risk reduction, or simply better health
  • Clear up confusion around reading food labels, grocery shopping, and dietary supplement use
  • Develop practical ideas for planning and managing meals and snacks, shopping, and modifying your favorite meals and recipes to make them more nutrient-dense and satisfying
  • Analyze food journals and provide feedback to support nutrition and physical activity goals
  • Brainstorm solutions to emotional or behavioral obstacles to change
  • Provide ongoing support to help keep you engaged in working towards health goals (particularly when the going gets rough!)
  • Creation of a treatment plan that will help to not only reduce the present symptoms of PCOS,  but will also help to avoid any future health problems that may be caused by untreated PCOS
  • Learn strategies that help to identify healthy sources of carbohydrates, and how to consume them in moderation, in effort to manage the underlying insulin resistance seen in PCOS (which is believed to be the major underlying cause of the condition).
  • Obtain advice on how to manage a healthy diet, which can have meaningful effects on lowering weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Learn the proper way to read food labels
  • Sample meal and snack ideas
  • Recommendations for sensible supplementation
  • Strategies for establishing a realistic exercise plan

Top Reasons for Seeing a Nutritionist at the Domar Center

  • You want to lose or gain weight to improve your fertility or overall health
  • You are pregnant, looking to become pregnant, or recently had a baby – and would like to lose excess weight
  • You have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • You are trying to manage a chronic health problem like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes
  • You have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and would like to reverse the trend to avoid developing diabetes
  • You are undergoing cancer treatment and need help, or have a history of cancer in your family and want to lower your risk as much as possible through diet and lifestyle change
  • You are wondering what dietary supplements you should consider taking, or whether some supplement you’ve read about is safe and effective
  • You simply need help taking all the nutrition information you know (or need clarification on) and putting it into practice by developing shopping, cooking and meal planning strategies.