Individual and Couples Counseling

Although the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health is housed within Boston IVF’s Waltham Center, many of our patients are working on issues that are not related to fertility at all.

Our staff of psychologists guide, teach, and support individuals and married couples to overcome obstacles that may be hindering their ability to reach their full potential. Together we will work to set specific goals, identify areas of change and growth and discuss tools and strategies to help you achieve your life or career goals.

Common Issues We Treat

♦ Infertility

♦ Relationship issues

♦ Anxiety

♦ Depression

♦ Trauma recovery

♦ Grief

♦ Spiritual integration and maturity

♦ Support counseling for medical conditions (e.g., cancer)

♦ Anger management

♦ Career issues & job stress

♦ Life transition

♦ Life balance

♦ Legal issues

♦ Abusive/dysfunctional relationships in couples or families

♦ Communication skills

♦ Parenting Skills

♦ Divorce recovery

♦ Limitations or disorders

♦ General life enhancement work