Fertility Counseling

The Domar Center is located within Boston IVF’s Waltham Center for good reason. Many individuals and couples who experience infertility respond emotionally with symptoms of sadness, anxiety, irritability, loneliness and frustration.

It’s important to know, however, that the stress, sadness and other feelings you may be dealing with are common ~ and that you don’t have to go through infertility alone. Counseling is an integral part of fertility treatment, and our services are designed specifically to help you through the difficult times.

Each psychologist at the Domar Center hold the highest level of licensure in Massachusetts, are specialists in the emotional aspects of infertility and understand that what you are are going through can frequently feel like a unending crisis.

Our counseling services are tailored to help remedy the uncertainty many individuals and couples face when addressing their fertility options ~ and to help get their life back on track, to stop living in ’28 day cycles’, and feel they are once again in control of their lives.

Who Should See a Fertility Counselor?

♦ Individuals and couples looking to cope with the stress of fertility treatments and the uncertainty of outcome

♦ Individuals and couple who have experienced one or more failed cycles

♦ Individuals and couples who have experienced a miscarriage

♦ Individuals and couples whose infertility challenges are causing distress and disruption in their lives ~ and is affecting relationships with family, friends, their career, or sex life

♦ Individuals and couples who have experienced one or more unsuccessful cycle and just need to “vent” and receive advice from a professional who truly “gets it”

♦ Individuals and couples who are having difficulty in dealing with infertility during the holiday season

Our Unsuccessful Cycle Program

In effort to support fertility patients every step of the way ~ those who experience an unsuccessful IVF cycle at Boston IVF are encouraged to meet with a Domar Center for Mind/Body Health psychologists for a complimentary session, where your insurance company will not be charged.

During this free 30 minute visit, you can share your distress over the cycle outcome as well as learn coping tools and strategies to develop a plan which will empower you to continue toward your goal of becoming a parent.