Unsuccessful Cycle Program

Infertility demands too much in terms of time, energy, patience, support, and money.

355720-bigthumbnailUnfortunately, the result is that most infertility patients report symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. In fact, a recent study showed that 40% of women had significant symptoms of anxiety or depression at their very first visit to an infertility specialist, and the percentage increases as the complexity of treatment increases. A majority of the women in the study who experienced an unsuccessful IVF cycle reported depressive symptoms shortly after.

If you’ve experienced a failed cycle and have noticed that you are more irritable as of late, or don’t enjoy things as much as you used to, it likely means that you are having a justifiably painful, yet normal reaction to infertility.

It is important, however, to figure out what you can do to help yourself feel better.

In effort to support Boston IVF patients every step of the way ~ those who experience an unsuccessful IVF cycle are encouraged to meet with a Domar Center for Mind/Body Health psychologists for a complimentary session.

During this free 30 minute visit, you can share your distress over the cycle outcome as well as learn coping tools and strategies to develop a plan which will empower you to continue toward your goal of becoming a parent.

This is a confidential, free visit and your insurance company will not be charged.

Please call 781-434-6578 to make an appointment for your free 30 minute consultation.