The Domar Center Foundation

The Domar Foundation was created in 2007 with a mission of furthering the application and knowledge of mind/body approaches to women’s health.  The goals of the Foundation are threefold:

1. to provide financial assistance to infertile women who are otherwise unable to afford participation in the Mind/Body Program for Infertility

2. to provide funding for young investigators to conduct research in the field of behavioral medicine and women’s health

3. to provide educational opportunities for clinicians to further their knowledge and training in this area of expertise

The Foundation is headed by Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, and the Board of the Domar Foundation includes the following:

♦ The Rev Barbara Nielsen, Ph.D, Episcopalian minister and
♦ psychologist

Lee Duvall
Ellen Slawsby, Ph.D, psychologist

The Domar Foundation is a registered 501c3 which means that all donations are tax deductible.

At the current time, funds from the Foundation are being utilized for the following activities:

1. providing scholarships to women who meet financial necessity criteria to attend the infertility mind/body program

2. providing funding to a Colby College student doing research on alternatives to antidepressant medication during pregnancy

3. providing funding for Domar Center  clinicians to attend conferences and trainings

Donations to the Foundation can be earmarked for scholarships, research, or general use. Sponsoring eligible women to attend the Mind/Body Infertility Program is $245.

All checks should be made out to the Domar Foundation and sent to Theresa Raso\ Domar Foundation, 130 Second Avenue, Waltham MA 02130.