Acupuncture Improving Quality of Life ~ in Animals Too?

By Michelle Hay, Lic. M.Ac.
Co-Director of Acupuncture Services
The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF

The opening statement of the recent article published thru WBUR regarding acupuncture asks the following question:

“Could rats subjected to chronic stress “” their paws dunked in icy water “” hold the key to how acupuncture works?”

Granted it is strange to think of rats and their stress level holding the key to unlocking the mystery of how this 2,000+ year old medicine works, but if it helps shed light on a Western medical approach to explain acupuncture then it is well worth the comparison.

Stress is something that affects us all. No matter how we try to stay balanced life has other plans- especially in regards to fertility.

Anyone experiencing fertility treatments is under stress.  Guaranteed.

This affects your quality of life at the very least.  Knowing that there is a treatment that can decrease your stress levels, thereby, improving your quality of life is almost a ‘no-brainer’.

If it helps rats, imagine what it can do for us?!

About Michelle Hay, Lic. M.Ac.

Michelle Hay is a graduate from the New England School of Medicine where she received her Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology.  She has practiced acupuncture at numerous clinics in the Boston area including Pathways to Wellness and at her private practice, The Hay Clinic, PC.  Michelle’s previous career was working as a Respiratory Therapist in a hospital setting.  This allows her to have insight into both the Eastern and Western ways of medicine.  Her expertise lies in Women’s health including sub/infertility, hormonal imbalance/menopausal issues, insomnia, and pulmonary issues (COPD, asthma, chronic bronchitis).