Healthy Resolutions in the New Year

By Kristin Fabbri, LMHC
The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health

With the New Year comes a chance to start anew: an opportunity to revisit goals and prepare yourself to reach them. It is also an important time to temper expectations and think about whether you are asking too much of your body and mind ““ or not giving yourself enough credit for having done the hard work.

Take a close look within yourself: what has worked so far in your journey towards self-healing and parenthood? What has worked against you, potentially preventing you from achieving your health and wellness goals? Lately you may have run yourself ragged, especially as the holidays reached a fever pitch. Family and friend obligations, holiday shopping, parties and events may trigger negative feelings or open old wounds. Stressful end of year work deadlines leave no chance to take a deep breath and experience the pleasure of some time to relax by yourself.

As you think about the New Year, what things would you like to change? Specifically, for the past year, how have you been treating yourself ““ both physically and mentally? A major piece of dealing with infertility is your overall health: have you been able to eat in a healthful way, or have you been over or under-eating to compensate for feelings of anxiety, inadequacy, and/or stress? Have you been able to take on a regular yoga class, meditation practice or stress relieving walks? Or have you been ignoring your body’s need to move in a pleasantly active way? Alternatively, have you physically pushed yourself to the limits and your body is begging for a break? Whatever the case may be, most of us would benefit from taking a close look at how we have treated ourselves over the course of the year to determine what has helped to achieve the goals on our journey, and what has been self-defeating.

There are ways to successfully achieve your goals in a positive way. First of all, give yourself credit for the hard work you have done so far in your journey to becoming a parent. It is crucial to take the time to appreciate how strong you are, and how much you deserve the love and support of those around you ““ and also the love and support coming from within. In order to stay strong on your path, appreciating the benefits of a full mind/body approach will help you become far more successful than ignoring this critical piece of self-care. By talking to our counseling staff about your concerns and feelings about infertility, we can help you learn strategies to deal with the ups and downs of this journey in a healing way that will also increase chances of success. By making an appointment with our nutritionist you can learn the benefits of healthy and well balanced meals in order to improve your body’s response to fertility treatments.

By meeting with our acupuncturists you will have the chance to experience the benefits this treatment can have to alleviate anxiety and stress. By utilizing the supportive services we offer at the Domar Center, our goals will align with yours in the New Year: to achieve success through excellent self-care.

Kristin Fabbri is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in the field of eating disorders and infertility. She graduated from Boston College with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and received a certification in Holistic Therapy from Lesley University. Prior to graduate studies, Kristin received a Bachelor’s degree from Tufts University in Psychology.

She worked as the Director of Education and Outreach and provided clinical services as a counselor and group leader at MEDA, the Multi-service Eating Disorders Association. She has conducted a number of speaking engagements at high schools, colleges, clinics and retreats on eating disorders and mental health and wellness.

Kristin’s main interest is working on women’s health and wellness, with a primary focus is on the link between healthy eating and exercise and fertility.