Rooted, Yet Resilient

By Cheryl Warrick, BFA, MEd, RYT
Director of Yoga Services
The Domar Center for Mind/Body Health at Boston IVF

Go ahead, call me a tree-hugger.

We can learn a great deal about mindfulness by spending time observing the natural world around us. Trees in particular have a lot to teach us about resilience and strength.

One of my favorite places to see beautiful trees is Jamaica Pond. Just at the back side of the pond is this sweet little gem of a tree that never fails to get my attention.

She has a wide stout trunk. Her roots are gnarling thick masses that criss cross and collide into each other at the base. This beautiful tree also has one small little knot in the center of the trunk that resembles a winking eye.

Two arm like branches reach out from either side of the trunk. Could it be this tree is ready for a few sun salutations?

It is from the strength of these amazing roots that this tree has stood its ground all these years. The strong roots have also given the tree nourishment and resilience to stand in all kinds of difficult conditions.

Your fertility journey can add enormous stress and leave you feeling ungrounded and uncertain. Practicing yoga and meditation can help you ride the waves of these challenging times. Here is how:


Yoga for fertility and restorative yoga practices can help you feel more rooted in your physical body. Restorative yoga is passive and quiet. Each pose is supported by props so you are able to fully release any deeply held tension.

Yoga for fertility is a more active, yet gentle practice that increases the flow of energy to the pelvis, reproductive organs and immune system.


As you develop skills with mindful nonjudgmental awareness, you begin to cultivate the ability to watch your thoughts, like watching clouds form in vast blue sky that drift by again and again. As you allow thoughts to pass by without attaching a story or meaning to them, you give yourself space to respond rather than react.


Breath is essential for life. When we are stressed our breath can become shallow.

Full diaphramatic breathing helps re-balance the nervous system by inducing the relaxation response. It also lower blood pressure heart rate and stimulates the lymphatic system.

These are just a few ways Yoga can help you feel more grounded and nourished.

Call the Domar Center today to set up an appointment for  a one-on-one Restorative Yoga session and be sure to sign up for one of our up coming classes.

I’d love to know what nourishes you and what gives you strength and resilience.


Cheryl is a graduate of the Elemental Yoga Mind-Body Teacher training with Bo Forbes, at the 200 hour level.  She also holds a BFA for the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and an ME.d from Lesley University.  Cheryl practiced nursing in a critical care setting from 1982-1997.  She brings with her a wide breadth of professional and life experiences.  Her personal journey with yoga has been a powerful, transformative gift in her life. Over time, she has seen how her restorative yoga practice creates positive shifts in emotions and the physical body.  Her goal is to give her patients assistance with a wide range of issues from affective disorders, emotional unbalance to fertility challenges.  Cheryl believes that as a teacher there is no better joy than to give her students a yoga experience that leads to the discovery of balance, ease and clarity.